Manner Hazelnut Chocolate Wafer (400g)

Manner Hazelnut Chocolate Wafer (400g)

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The famous Manner Waffles are now available from Vienna, Austria delivered to your doorsteps by Bring2You!

These crispy wafers are filled with delicious hazelnut-cocoa cream and coated with dark chocolate. Manner Mignon Hazelnut Wafers are available in a resealable, airtight 400g bag.

What does "Mignon" stand for?

Mignon is French and means “sweet and lovely” - the perfect description for Manner Mignon Hazelnut Wafers!

Manner Mignon Hazelnut Wafers are produced in accordance with the Manner quality guarantee and the principles of sustainable cocoa farming.

  • Vegetarian 
  • Egg-free

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