Zyrtec Rapid Acting Tablets

Zyrtec Rapid Acting Tablets

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Zyrtec Rapid Acting Tablets

Zyrtec Rapid Acting Allergy & Hayfever Antihistamine Tablets provides fast 24 hour relief from multiple allergy symptoms.
- Easy to swallow mini tablet
- Fast acting hayfever relief from allergy and hayfever symptoms
- Provides 24 hour relief
- Oral antihistamine medication for allergies and hayfever
- Pack contains 10 tablets
Use Zyrtec for allergy & hayfever relief from these symptoms:
- Sneezing
- Runny nose
- Itchy nose
- Red / itchy / watery eyes
- Hives / Itchy skin
10 Mini Tablets
Rapid Acting 24 Hour Relief
Easy to Swallow


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